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We've all been there before.... 

  • it's having to stretch on that gym mat still saturated from the person before you (and the 20 other people before them)

  • it's the yoga mat that smells so bad when in child's pose that your yoga breath is now gasping for breath,

  • it's the person who walks away from the cardio machines leaving a puddle of water for you to navigate around

  • it's the overwhelming smell of hot sweaty bodies walking into the hot yoga room or cycle studio class

  • it's the dread of having to put on those used wet boxing gloves, and trying not to vomit at the smell your hands after! 


The list is endless. Don't get us wrong - sweat is great. This essential process is the natural cooling mechanism of our body, and with the skin also being our largest organ of elimination and detoxification, our sweat is not just salty water. 

Whether you're a trainer, own a fitness studio, coach a sports team or do yoga in your spare room at home, DON'T SWEAT IT is developed for YOU. We understand how expensive equipment and gear is to purchase and know how quickly they wear out and stink after regular use.

We also know that there is no easily available sports- specific cleaning brands available to your needs - to clean the germs without the toxins, remove (not just mask) the smell and protect your gear so you can get longer use out of it.

That's why DON'T SWEAT IT was created. 

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