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Microfibre is a fabric made from polyester and nylon fibre (polyamide), which is split 100 x smaller than a human hair, ie: 'micro + fibre'. 


Polyester is a great absorbent, the increased surface area of the microfibre cloths allows each cloth to absorb up to 7 to 8 times its weight in liquid. 


The polyamide composition is very lipophilic ('fat-loving'), which allows oily substances to easily adhere to the microfibre, while the special waffle shape attracts and traps dirt and germs, effectively removing them from the surface. 


Because of their high static ability microfibres are able to penetrate into microscopic pores of any surface, making it a superior material for cleaning over conventional paper towels, disposable wipes and sponges.


The secret of our microfibre towel lies in the unique, deep waffle weave construction, which creates the most efficient moisture transport, while providing greater durability and softness, more than any other microfiber towel.


It CLEANS- the unique waffle groove patterns traps dirt and bacteria, leaving surfaces more hygienically clean

It PROTECTS- extend the life of your equipment as no harsh detergents or abrasive cleaners are required.

It's DURABLE- made with premium 80/20 microfibre, this cloth will last years with proper care

It's SAFE- made with non-toxic dyes, the lint free & scratch free cloths mean you can use safely on all surfaces from rubber, PVC, leather, foam and metal surfaces. 


Keep your microfiber towels clean, soft, and absorbent and you'll get YEARS of use from them!

  • Wash before use in hot water cycle.  

  • Avoid harsh detergents, fabric softeners or hot dryers

  • Air dry only - microfibre dries very quickly! 

  • We recommend the Abode Laundry range - high performance and Australia's healthiest home products available.

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