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Specially formulated for sports gear + equipment

Commercial + household cleaners are not designed for sports equipment and can contain toxic chemicals which leave residue. They also contain a high alcohol content to combat germs which damages expensive equipment

Multi surface sports cleaner designed for regular use

Safe to use on all types of yoga and gym mats, vinyl, leather, plastic and rubber surfaces, foam grips, and chrome/ metal surfaces. 

Won't leave residue or dry out materials

No nasty chemicals or harsh detergents

Developed by a naturopath + building biologist, our formula is vegan, cruelty free and environmentally friendly.

Contains no synthetic chemicals, harsh detergents, artificial fragrance, petrochemicals or other harmful ingredients

Clean using the power of science and nature

Derived from plant/ mineral based ingredients, only pure essential oils and the highest quality grade ingredients are used (99.9% purity), so our cleaner contains no fillers or unknown additives

Low allergenic formula. Safe for sensitive skin contact

Suitable for people with skin and chemical sensitivities, our formula has a mild pH.

No residue means no product will be absorbed into skin via direct contact.

100% Australian.

Made in Melbourne

Owned and operated in Melbourne, our products are manufactured on site with ingredients and bottles sourced from both local and imported suppliers.

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