DON’T SWEAT IT® spray is formulated to sanitise and deodorise areas affected by sweat, body oils and dirt, while effectively eliminating odour causing bacteria from surfaces.

This premium cleaner is safe for daily use on all types of exercise mats, props and training equipment – including yoga, pilates, gymnasiums and training studios.


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Melbourne, Australia.

The essential must-have item in every yoga and gym bag!


You can clean your own yoga mat and props, your sweaty boxing gloves or stinky gym shoes - anything can be safely sanitised and deodorised.

Lightly scented with a blend of citrus and mint essential oils, our travel sized 125ml bottle will provide over 600+ sprays and used with our specialised microfibre cloth, you can have peace knowing your workout surface is clean, fresh and germ free!  


  • What's included:

    1 x 125ml spray

    1 x microfibre cloth

    1 x cotton drawstring bag

  • Shipping is flat rate of $8 per unit Australia wide.

    Free Shipping on all orders over $100 Australia wide.